It has always been a Filipino trait to value love for the family. We create such deep ties and linger to that love for the bond it has created. A family love goes deeper not just by the meet and greet sessions, nor the celebrations spent on holidays but it comes with great respect from one individual to another. It goes deeper than the bloodline of race, or the frequency of get together. Your family is the first of your fans, top of your friends list and will always  be the first people you run to in times of trouble.


I for myself can attest to this, because the closest people in my heart are my siblings aside from my parents of course. With them i can open any topic under  the sun, i can freely speak my mind without fear of judgement, i find comfort at times when i’m down, they provide support that is promising and will never be measured by time. They give warmth to one lonely heart. They share inspiration for  us to get better, they are the closest left and right hand of trust you can get from someone. No one can know you better than your family, without them then there is no you.



life is short and time flies so fast ..we have to learn how to be grateful that we still  have them by our side. Lucky are those who have people to run to whether your up or down with life’s roller coaster ride . Not everyone was given that opportunity to have their loved ones stay with them long enough to build memories. So don’t waste time without letting them know you love them.Image


“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family. ” 
― Jim Butcher

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