I’m real

smile means your happy .. but did you know that behind every genuine smile hides a tragic pain ..?

as time passes, people evolves from different characteristics. we learn to hide emotions that we wish not to show ..we coat ourselves from things that we think could harm us .. we can be too inferior of whatever we see or hear ..I myself is a victim of that …

for the past years I have been haunted by my own dilemmas I was not confident enough to push myself to my limits ..but because of various experiences that showed me what life really is like, in a way my eyes were opened to the reality that in order for you to win you must learn to fight back ..

I grew up being the princess in the family or so am I?, I was too vulnerable in believing whatever is fed to me .. I was the type of person whom you could push around literally ..I was the yes person i didn’t learn how to say no, i never did say no …Dad use to tell me “yang kabaitan mo ang kahinaan mo” he says i was too softhearted at everything around me ..then there was this person who also told me that i was easy to manipulate .. now at that time i had to admit ..I was too submissive ..

one day I had this unforgettable experience ..one memory that I know will haunt me forever..
the trauma it caused me created various visions i wish to forget ..if it hadn’t been for the people who cared i would still probably be tainted ..i do not wish to elaborate the story further more but all i can say is that from then on i learned.. that fighting back doesn’t always mean trouble but it means that you are brave enough to defend yourself your beliefs your rights..to survive you have to weigh the right from the wrong that you can’t always say yes at your own expense and that you have to suck it in even if its giving you a hard time because in the end the person who will love you the most would be none other than you.. if you don’t love yourself then the respect from others will not be there .. you will be like a magnet attracted to all horrible things that life can get out of you

believe me when i tell you ..its not being selfish for you to put yourself first …weigh and learn that in every obstacle the only way to survive is when you believe in yourself ..let haters be your source of strength ..take criticism and divert it in a positive way..don’t let anyone put you down for they only do that to feed their own insecurities..

as the old saying goes insecurities reign in the heart of an empty brain~

~I am me …and being me is something I’m not ashamed of because i know though I’m troubled you’ll see me smile .. don’t judge me just yet ..because you know my name but you don’t really know my story..Image


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