life realization

life realization.


life has been so hard for everyone once they have considered staying by my side..

i dont really know how and why but i know deep inside i tend to complicate things in such little way

that it somehow chokes me. i am as we all know emotionally driven at times for  the reason that i happen to dwell so much from life’s painful memories. i often reminisce on things that i want the most but never had it, up to last moment i was given the chance to grab hold  of it i never took the chance.. it is true that once driven by fear it takes real strength and effort to teach yourself to overcome it .. no one else can help you but you. as i turn the pages of my self written book i had seen how many flosses i once had and how i shook them all off of me. my devastating emotional struggles and mental objections of facts are still ongoing but somehow im learning the best process of moving on..



self realization:

•life may suck but it sucks more if you let it be that way

•think before anything else sometimes the heart can never tell the difference

•i’ve grown as a lady of witt but never did i make use of it as far as i know ..

•my only say of things depends on how i fight against my emotions (which is wrong)

•i am vulnerable `but im learning to be stronger than this



`i met him at my most awful times, i was at the peak of my foolishness then he came around

i never thought that meeting him would change me, he was beautiful in his own way i could not even explain how much of an impact has he established . they often ask why and how why have i chosen to give myself to someone i dont really know .. the truth was they dont really know ..i may have just met him but it felt more tahn just a day was like i knew him forever he was just like the breeze sweet and calm just like the sunset view thats breath taking he was my air ,he is the rain that carries my worries away he is the light i follow in the dark his voice is like the sweetest melody  he is my everything.


-since i met you it was all better and i wouldnt want anything else in this world without in it  you are the best part in my story taht has happened so far and im looking forward to writting my new chapters with you ..

~i will love you for a thousand years and more


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