alone time

Every now and then, we have to see to it that we spend enough quality time for ourselves. In that way we can give our mind the chance to keep itself calm and think things through. By doing so we learn how to value our time and our own soul. There’s nothing wrong with personal quality time. Moments where we divert stress to comfort, initiate self assessment, to establish poise and composure, these things may help strengthen our firmness in decision making, our sense of being and respect towards our perspectives. I recall a friend once told me, that it makes one crazy if we don’t give time for us to breath. It is normal or should we say a habit for a person to work their ass off like hell to earn a living but if we don’t stop and rest the stress would eat us up alive. I can attest to that fact. So don’t hesitate to have a self quality. Just stop, get a cup of coffee or something, and breath … believe me at the end of the day it will always be one habit you would not want to miss.

photographed and edited by: saki (me)

alone time

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