don’t you know that it kills a girl whenever you make  them feel  that they are valued, but in the end it falls to nothing..the essence of showing  them that kind of care you don’t often do to others.. showering all your extra attention tends to create the idea of hurts to think that as a girl we end up falling for those falls gestures shown to us..its like cutting you deep down your skin ..and in to your senses…ironic at  times..just when you thought you finally did something right …in the end  its just another passing love song.. be careful on how you treat a person.. don’t start something you cant end…i am vulnerable..prone to believe things around they say, too gullible.. i know how it feels to create expectations..its aggravating sometimes whenever it hits you in the head that your actually making a fool out of yourself..but i  guess its really like that sometimes..its a win or lose game a matter of trial and error..its just that on this life there are no we end up trashy sometimes..i’m a girl searching for her soul…i often say i’m  have no idea how lost i am…smiles can cover the pain but at the end of the day when its just me …it is a killer..everybody has a little secret to  keep on their own ..sometimes we do things rationally out of emotion outburst but you know what? …at the back of our minds we partially regret it..i wrote this to explain my point of view..being me is not easy..there are standards set to follow..i tend to forcefully break free from the chain but still i’m stuck in between..the only way to keep me smiling are those of falls expectations sometimes it can be pretty stupid but then ..what can i do..?? its a struggle to get over everything I’ve suffered from.. i may be  taken for granted but that’s OK ..i know i’ll be fine..i somehow was able to establish that high tolerance from emotional pain..and mental agony..i can be numb more often than not….well that’s what i guess you don’t know..if i would be given the  chance to turn things around, i want a world of my own…where everyone is happy..tired of getting hurt always..


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