like mother like daughter

One of the best way to have a mother and daughter bonding session is by sharing the same comfort food and cravings. It was not long ago I think it was just a week ago when mom and were left alone at home. We were practically craving for ice cream for ages that is due to the summer heat.. and since we were feeling really selfish about the craving we took advantage of the fact that it was just us at home ,so as decided we bought half gallon of chocolate chip ice cream. Mommy thought it would be more than enough since its just the two of us who will be eating ..think again .. it was not enough so to speak ..we indulged ourselves to our call of craving. Ice cream is one of our favorite and it was a great way to have us both share while we talked about things that has transpired in my life. My mom is the closest best friend that i have and she has always been very supportive with us her children. I replicate her most of the time. She is a strong person and i’m thankful of our chances to talk because i really learn a lot from her experiences. Now i can look back at her and make her proud.

“A Mother’s love for her child is not measurable, for it is genuine ,true and everlasting”.

like mother like daughter

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