Let’s dance


Did you know that one of the best exercise and fitness workout is dancing? according to medical science, it helps burn fats twice as much as a regular exercise when you dance, not only will it help you with your diet it is also an effective way to keep your muscles and blood pumping on the go. Dancing helps develop mind and body coordination, it is a perfect workout for that purpose because it helps keep your mind and physical body healthy as you age. This exercise help increase a certain level of chemical in the body that keeps the nerve cells grow, that is based on science research. With regards to the brain it is also a good memory exercise as you try to follow and remember each step from the dance.

I have read some articles and blogs about dancing and I found out that based on medicine researches one of  the best dance routine is ballroom dancing, doing sessions of ballroom at least once or twice a week prevents the possibilities of having dementia, in addition to that an average adult can burn about 150 calories doing at least 30 minutes of moderate dancing.

So if your the type who has difficulty keeping up with your current exercise, you might want to try dancing instead as there are several choices to choose from, the variations are wide enough for you to find the right dance exercise for you. It is mind conditioning because just by hearing the beat the body cells generate itself to give you enough energy to dance and go with the flow. Not only will it keep you healthy, you will also enjoy this kind of exercise because it can never be boring. So why not start now? stay healthy and fit .. come on let’s dance to the beat !!




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