Emotional Breakdown

Every now and then we encounter people who’s major is criticism, you hear people bad mouth one another and sometimes blabs a lot against you. We can’t prevent judgement from happening, it is human tendency or human instinct. They will do anything at their will and power to belittle you because that’s what satisfies them. We all have insecurities and we are all guilty of the same crime, we are only human and most of the time the reason these things happen is because there is a thin line of envy or simply just part of an attitude that creates that little nuisance as a personality issue. People mock others because it satisfies their self pity, it makes them feel better when they see you get hurt. It’s a superiority thing as well to know that they are capable of pulling you down that easy.

One thing I learned in life is that you cant always be too gullible and let things pass. Sometimes the best way to teach them is to give them a taste of their own medicine. There is nothing wrong with fighting back because we cant always be pushed around that easily. And saying no does not mean your wrong or boring or what not, instead it means that you think first before making any decisions and that is the best way to analyze what’s right from wrong. It’s always choices, it varies from our choices whether we allow them to belittle us or not and it all depends on you. What i can share is that when or if it comes to a point that i personally was confronted or something i’ll take the criticism positively and divert it to help inspire me and help me get better. I was once a submissive type of person but due to circumstances i learned that life is not always about the good things, there will always be hardships and obstacles and for you to survive ? you have to sail through the waves and make it to that island safe and sound because if you won’t do anything about it then the ocean will eat you alive. So live, explore, learn and discover that you may not be perfect but you can be proud that your real.

photograph/edited: saki♥

Emotional Breakdown

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