04252013 Trust

It can be a big word for one person, as we all know it talks about truth over lies, faith and loyalty, it carries such numerous words , words we use to describe as one word -TRUST.
Personally I believe trust is something we ask from someone or rather earn from someone as we grow friendship and relationship with each other. We get trust along with respect and sense of personality. Trust would normally depend on how you display your character. Every action we do by every decisions we make would describe the factor of the possibilities to be trusted or not, it is our word of honor.

At some cases trust turns out to be a personality issue because there can be some who displays trust as one reason to neglect a person. Some call it trust issues , but that then depends on life experiences. People fail to please you not because they don’t please you at all instead you’ve had bad memories or experiences which has led you to not believe in anyone anymore. Now the question is how do we change that ? how can we turn things around when the word trust that was once there no longer exist? We struggle by the thought of fear, fear of hurting, fear of being left alone , fear of feeling neglected , fear of looking too gullible, or even fear of the sense of stupidity, things like that are reasons why we can’t just adjust easily specially when we encounter new people. It is but human defensive mechanism to protect ones humane mind, being too afraid is not a crime but it can be a cause for ugly endings.

My advice ? learn to move on. No individual is ever the same and that is a fact, there may be similarities ? but never the same. Every new person deserves the chance to be trusted, it may be hard for us to do so but we can’t always be stiff about it because if we continuously distrust everything they do we become naggers of such and we tend to bash them every now and then for unreasonable facts. We look and see things differently and we will never understand not one bit about what they are trying to do, until eventually even they would no longer give you that respect. No one can ever be perfect, we should know that for every mistake there can always be a consequence and its bad enough to see them suffer through it. That’s why the word chances was invented. There is nothing wrong to allow ourselves to believe someone every now and then because by doing that, we would also learn from it at the same time they will see how important trust is and have a better understanding of things.

So don’t be scared instead learn from it, you don’t really have to fully trust anyone but at-least give a bit of it and who might know ? maybe with that done ,you may have a better and strong bond of relationship. positivism is the key. Enjoy life for the better.Image


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