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One of my greatest hobby is to cosplay -derived from the term (COSTUME PLAY ROLE). This sensation has generated a lot of things to talk about when it comes to anime. Cosplay originated from japan, as a form of appreciation towards the makers of anime and is a way to express their likings for their favorite anime character that symbolizes them the most. Cosplay is for all generations specially for young adults who are fond of watching anime. In the Philippines cosplay is now considered as an art for photography and an alternative for kids nowadays to spend time attending events and engaging them to meet new people inclined of the same hobbies and likes. Various competitions are held at some malls at the same time it gives photographers the opportunity to enhance  their skills. With this activity it helps keep the young adults from bad influences such as drug abuse and street fights because it consumes their time to prepare and create their costumes for display. Others use  this as an income, if your pretty good at tailoring. You may find those who swap and do  buy and sell for their costumes online. Cosplay can be costly when it comes to preparation but it depends on your resources because for some it can also be affordable. Every month there can be at least one or two events held at one time from different places. One example is TOYCON (toy convention) which is held on the month of June. This event caters toy lovers were as they display various toy collection where you can do buy and sell or even trade.ImageImage



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