05112013 pre mother’s day ♥


We call her in so many ways, mama, mommy, mom, nay, inay, nanay, mamita, and so many more but one thing is for sure. her existence is the reason why we exist.

The most important person in our life is our mother, the one who made most of the sacrifices who loved us endlessly and was always there to support us all the way, a mother’s love is genuine, it is something that we can never replace or even play as equal because their love is unconditional

This month of may as we all celebrate the importance of our mother on MOTHER’S DAY, spread the love and values we learn from our one and only mom and show her how much you love her let’s make our mama proud.

to my Mommy,

I know i’ve been busy most of the time and we seldom bond or talk but I want you to know how much I love you. I am so  thankful for all the things you have given or provided me with , the love that was always there and never made me feel alone,  the support you give no matter what path i may take ,I thank you mom and I will always be forever grateful that you have brought me to this world. I will pass on from generations to generations all the things you have thought me as i take my path to womanhood, you will always be my inspiration.


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