05172013 Life changing

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Many things in life caused me to change to who I am today, it can be the outcome of most of my decision-making, the consequences of my actions, my life is colorful, it can never be compiled in just one book, but to point out the highlights of my life? the one thing that has affected me the most is when I realized and learned the truth about my life and my family background. I grew up with a father not realizing that he was not my biological dad. There were so many things that has happened during my childhood years, i got beaten up to the point of not being able to walk at all, I was abused, forced to believe the things that was only introduced to me by him. I was locked up at home and practically considered dead. While I was getting older I was more confused of what or who to believe. I was neglected from what the real deal was and lived a life that was totally different from others. I was no average kid and my family was never normal. I had a lot of should we say nightmares back then to the point that I was suicidal, I’m just thankful that I was set free from all those hardship thanks to those people who took me out of that darkness. Maybe in time I would be able to elaborate what has transpired in my life ,maybe in the future when I’m really ready to tell. But for now let’s just settle with the thought that I survived I’m happy and I’m better that’s what really counts.


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