07012013 new month new things

People come and go, there are those who go unnoticed and those who leave marks behind and those you cherish. I came to  the point of making a decision that was really drastic and unplanned, it essentially cost me my job but i don’t have any regrets at all, why? because I met friends who were there for me and I know they will always be there for me no matter what. I am on a floating mode now in between being a bum and taking advantage of resting for my baby, soon I will be planning to  get back to work while my tummy isn’t that noticeable. Mom wanted me to be with her but I’m thinking twice of what to do, my baby’s dad well technically speaking don’t agree with it but if my look at it in a practical way I need to be there so i can be kept away from everyday drama and stress here at home. I can’t make my mind just yet . These are the things bugging me, daddy doesn’t really know what the score is yet and its so hard to even start or rather knowing how to start when you can’t find the right time to tell him. I’m afraid of what he would have to say because he never really liked the guy for me he didn’t even bother getting to know him and telling him the truth about the fact that I am having a child from frank will drive him nuts big time. I’m torn apart sometimes but I have no choice but to keep my cool. I wish I knew where to begin. Now my birth month has already started I’m hoping for new things good things to come my way.. hopefully I will see better days, and that I will have this month celebrated with a blast.


One thought on “07012013 new month new things

  1. Being a parent is such a hard job. You won’t be making decisions for just yourself anymore as you already know. But it is one of the greatest gifts. All of the drama and stupid stuff from before, you realize isn’t important. You learn that the people that love you and matter, the people that you want in your life, are the ones who will support you no matter what.

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