feeling nostalgic

feeling really nostalgic about this photo .. this was about like 10 years ago or so .. Time flies so fast you really wont notice the changes right away unless you give time to stop and look back at how things are from what things were. Those were the days of innocence, where nothing really mattered but sleep school and playtime, no responsibilities except the house chores, when you can bum around the whole day on the weekend and worry about nothing because you know your taken care of , things changes in time, bonds, attitudes, paths manner of thinking and decision making everything is never permanent except changes. I miss those days of cotton candies in the park, dirty ice cream sold on the streets, dancing in the rain laughing around without restraint sleeping the whole day to wake up whenever we want on a weekend. I miss childhood. those are the memories we will treasure forever something we can always share through generations to generations as we get older with time.


feeling nostalgic

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