Starting it right

June has left swiftly without my awareness of it. Many things happened, lots of depression and numerous frustrations. Highlights of JUNE? Officially June 28, 2013 I lost my job because of a misunderstanding. I took the situation positively, maybe something better is in store for me. So I used the chance to give myself enough rest, my baby needs it.




07012013 : its July already


  Started my month with a smile on my face, no regrets of what happened last month. My current status? Jobless but happy. Frank has been responsible enough to keep me provided with my needs, except of course due to the time his job demands, we have less time to see each other or to talk for long hours and for that I always end up dealing with my mood swings.  One of  the few things that I noticed is  that I have been more emotional as ever. I get to deal with controlling myself every now and then, I easily get upset or what not, but there are better days. So far my July greeted me well enough to  keep me in good shape. I’m looking forward for what’s to come in the next few days or so.


07042013 – 07042013 : Job hunting,  sleep over ,quality time.


  I started sending my application and resume online hoping I could land a job soon. Got a call, from one or two companies and was offered a job but so far none has met what I’m really looking for. I gave it a shot, I visited the cites to go through the hiring process, but the day’s work and travel is taking its toll on me. Nothing is quite the same, I easily get tired and my system is urging me to go home right away. I’m not used to getting tired easily because I was always the type of person who is always on the go. Although one good  thing about it is that I eat more than I use to, and the cravings are super.


•The other side of me: despite the fact of trying to deal with things alone? I have never felt more depressed ever, it’s something frank and I have to deal with. Maybe in a way I was being too selfish to demand so much of attention without seizing the moment to understand the situation. Though I don’t really say much I feel sorry that for the last few weeks I have been bashing frank for his absence or lack of time for me. I should know better.


He came that night, I found  out  that it was his week’s day off so he took the time to pick me up from ortigas and brought me home safely. He slept over for the night. After a while it was the time again that I had the chance to sleep right next to him, I had good dreams for  that night and I slept well.  The next morning, I had the best breakfast ever, he was there taing care of me. By lunchtime he cooked the meal then after we headed off to slumber land again. He was working for  the night so he needed to rest as well. To cut the story short, for that whole day  I was given the chance to talk things through with him and express my thoughts, yes the drama was inevitable but at that moment I was thankful enough because now things were set clear and straight. The only thing I have to focus  on right now is taking care of myself and the baby that I’m bringing. Hopefully let the rest of it fall into place.


Lesson learned : it’s not always about the drama so long as you have that understanding and you communicate everything else will follow it will all be better.


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