Random Thoughts

There will always be rough times in our life,  It’s always inevitable and never predictable. We as an individual can never be the same with another living thing we have our own uniqueness and identity. My life made a quick turn after people came to realizing that I’m having my own child. Many painful words were said and thrown against each other, it’s just sad to think it had to turn out this way. There’s typically no one to be blamed, it would be immature to pin point all your shortcomings to someone else. It is pointless to cry over spilled milk, on my own point of view this is not a mistake neither is this rationale decision making. Life is always about survival that is one of the important values I learned while growing up. Yes there are people you can lean on such as family but it does not always apply to all situations. You have to learn how to stand for your own belief and own understanding, acceptance of failure does not make you any weaker or less than what you already are and getting hurt is not wrong. Sometimes it is necessary to make a mistake, which is the reason why the word itself is created it serves a purpose in the cycle of life. Mistakes are there to help you learn and grow. It is always the best educator of life. You have to teach yourself to face the consequences for every action you make otherwise what good will it give if you always depend on others to make decisions for you. Words will always be painful specially coming from those you love the most and expect to understand the situation. That’s just how it is don’t keep your head down and allow all the pain to consume you. If you believe your right? Why let the pain eat you alive? This is not the first time you were hurt, you’ve been through a lot darker and tougher times than this why draw yourself back now?

Time heals all wounds and pain; it is always how you bring yourself to moving on and just taking it one day at a time. These are the many things I learned as I was growing up yes I had parents but I was alone. It’s hard to carry all this sorrow in your heart yet I manage to spend every waking hour with that eagerness of having better days. Maybe along that road I took I was a bad daughter, I could have been ungrateful or worse those were my nightmares my scary shadows I always run away from being accused of something I know I never was. Was it wrong to speak up with words they could not hear? They would not bother to listen and only see what they want to see. I am not a perfect person and I don’t blame anyone for my own mistakes. Life is about cause and effect, it will always depend on the choices you make, if in their eyes my choices were unacceptable, I’m nothing but human. Who gives us the right to judge and belittle those who make misjudgement? Life can be cruel in a way that not even you can tell. We have to understand that we should take responsibility of what we do that’s what maturity is all about. So don’t bash yourself too much or should you allow others to turn you down. In this game the only time you lose is if you allow yourself to be eaten up by other’s insecurities. Remember this, it is only you who knows what is real and it is only you who knows yourself better, love and trust your own beliefs be man enough to surrender if it comes to it losing every now and then does not mean your weak instead it shows how strong of a person you really are for you to own your defeat then from there learn to rise above that fall and be better. There are brighter days just look forward to happy endings.

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