07282013 - any updates?

I was thinking twice whether I should take a picture of myself or not. Why? well to start with I was terrified that I might not look as pleasant as I use to be now that I’m going through this stage, but then again I was wrong. I took a picture of myself and was proud enough to say I look better. So what changes have I been going through for the last couple of weeks? I’ve been really busy with getting myself back in the game and I’ve not have much time alone. More often than not all I do is sleep all day during my spare time, my goodness when was the last time I actually blogged? Its been ages as far as I remember. Well I have nothing much going on lately except hearing constant whining of an old man if you know who I mean. Well to be honest the old guy still can’t absorb the situation well of course my situation seems way out of hand for him to sink things in. My tummy now has grown bigger than before and I’m losing out of loose clothes it’s major adjustments for me now that I am on my 16th week. I have mixed emotions and such rush in me of sorts. I’m excited every single day . So to cut my story short, I’m doing OK so far and that’s a good start.


07282013 – any updates?

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