Moving On -- falling in love

I just want to share a story, have you ever had a kind of relationship which you were madly in-love with someone to the point that you were practically doing everything for him? Years back I was in high school and my Mom use to tell me her story, along with that she would share a constant reminder stating “One day there will be someone whom you would fall in love with and it would be something you can never control. So keep in mind that it is always better to have someone who loves you more than you love them because love can be learned and earned by someone who really deserves it.” This ofcourse commonly applies for the girls I don’t know with the boys though. So anyway, I use to say that it wont ever happen to me, until one day it did and I was not really aware of it. I had this high school sweetheart I was crushing on him since the junior years and he was a year younger back then, I c ant really say we dated because we never really went out alone we were usually in groups because he was part of my group of friends. So after two years officially he was or became my boyfriend. Many things happened and what my mom had once told me actually did happen to cut the story short our relationship lasted for 10 years, yes up until my college years we were together. It was a roller coaster ride kind of relationship and it was crazy because many thing happened and I was blinded by my affection big time, until one day I woke up and realized I’ve had enough. The sad part though is that I was hurt numerous times before I got to the point of realization I barely listened to the people who saw what was going on and who kept reminding me constantly but I ignored. the good part? Well I learned my lesson. Love yourself more than anything else because at the end of the day no one is left but you meaning before you actually love someone learn how to value your worth that’s when you would know your ready. It took me about a year or two before I actually got over him and I’m glad I’m all better now. So what’s my point? have the heart to love but also have the mind to weigh what’s right from wrong, listen to what is said because there will be times when there are things our own eyes can’t see but others can then allow yourself to observe then you make the decision. And lastly ? No one will love you better than yourself, that is a total fact.

–I’m happy with my relationship now because we implement transparency and that’s one thing you might want to try.

Moving On — falling in love

2 thoughts on “Moving On — falling in love

  1. Hi Saki,

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    KC Owens

    • Hi KC its good to know that you liked my posts Im not an expert blogger or writer but I just love to express myself too and Im happy you like travelling,, Its one of my frustration. So please do feel free to share your thoughts. I look forward to reading them too keep in touch 🙂

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