The thing about being friends is that we see things and say things to each other without restrictions, no matter how harsh it may be or how gentle, it boils down to the same idea, we talk a lot. I recall there was this one instance where as we friends are so used to bully each other sometimes we forget to respect and that there will always be a right time for every situation. I gave a friend one heartache that both affected the link we had between us. Although it was unintentional, the point and idea was misunderstood. It took months before everything came back to being OK, what made it worse, was that there were hear says , pass on stories that were not clarified from both parties which created a much more misunderstanding between us. It was heartbreaking to think that though you try so hard to fix things it was never that easy. At first , to be honest I have already given up trying to console her since none of the things I was trying to convey made sense to the person. For a moment I let go of the friendship and though that I can go on without them, but I was wrong. I was the type of person of which when I call you friend its forever, your a family to me. I was like  that, though from the outside I just went on and let them be and simply ignored her, deep inside I was actually missing her. To cut the story short? I love my friends and they are those who inspire me to be a better person regardless whether they can be harsh most of  the time or not. Point is? I’m just glad that we were able to patch things up between us and lesson learned, be careful sometimes because you can never tell when one is not in the good mood or at the right state of mind for that precise moment to understand what is going on being insensitive is not an excuse.

“value those who teaches you that friendship means someone will always be there for you no matter what”.


2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. There will always be someone in your life who treats you as a brother or sister. Though not blood related they will be at your side no matter what you are facing.

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