Sa Callcenter lang pala nag ta-trabaho

Being a call center agent is hard for those who are not aware because there are a lot of challenges you are going to encounter not to mention us being labeled as “waterproof” by the rest because regardless of the bad weather condition calamity of what not you are not excused to miss a day otherwise it will be negligence of duty. Let’s learn how to respect those who works in this kind of industry because you should know that while you are all getting ready for bed and a good night’s rest ? we on the other hand risk our life to travel at late hours to make a living. To get hired in this industry you have to be knowledgeable because it is not that easy to understand every bits of the detail to think that you are only given ateast a month of training to let all information in your head plus the examinations that makes you or breaks you. RESPECT guys respect….

Malikot na kaisipan


“Call Center lang pla nagwowork”

Following a heartfelt complain by a former workmate about having heard this phrase, I could not help but write this in defense. Yes I am a Law graduate, and yes I have worked in the call center industry during my days thinking that this phrase meant that call center is as menial as they say it is… but you know what….

This phrase pisses me off a lot. Why? There is such a huge discrimination when one hears a person is working in a call center. Companies even have specific rules for application for loan, credit card, phone line and so many other things if you are working in a call center, and if you say call center, you can hear the aah of disappointment in their tones. 

Sad thing is, do these people actually know how freaking hard it is to get in a…

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