August 2013: happenings, changes, decisions

  I am currently enjoying my work place and the new found friends with the new company I’m with, for august it marks my second trimester from four months going five, my belly has grown more visible now everyone notices I’m pregnant. As for my parents? No progress at all hey check on me every now and then but the stress part is that they haven’t gotten over the scolding stage although for the whole month they were not here physically because they are both in Davao. My appetite is twice as much as before and now I can actually feel my baby moving inside my belly, its such a fancy feeling  to watch my belly move every now and then because the baby is that active I even had my hubby touch my tummy so  he could feel it too. My travel to work is really tedious but its tolerable I guess for now because my belly is still manageable in terms of body movement.  I’m craving for lots of things and yet the need to control eating is there to make sure I don’t make my tummy grow exaggeratedly. My hubby on the other hand has been such a sweetheart, he cooks for me most of the time, so to cut the details short my august went  well except for the part where I had a fuss and fight with my brothers who were acting irresponsibly for the last couple of days.

…on the way to September


  Had my second check up with an OB.. Found out that the only thing my medical card covers is the consultation, that’s it …it sucks but I can live with it, anyway she listened to my baby’s heartbeat and she said it was good, she advised me to do another ultrasound (biometry) so I did … I found out what the gender is, It’s a baby girl and the good thing is that she is  healthy and move-able. I’ve never been more excited about this I mean in a couple of months or so she will be out to this world soon. Right now my main priority is to take care of myself and to ensure that the baby is healthy too, with my status now all I do is eat like I’ve never eaten before and its funny to see myself getting all stuffed and continuously pigging out. My status at work now is more than OK as far as I know I met really good friends who takes care of me too. This month is my actual 24th week already I wonder how things would be like. I just hope things turn out the way I want them to be. The hard part of the process I’m feeling right now is whenever I try to get some sleep, my baby has been really active and sometimes it is hard enough to find the right and comfortable position to get some shut eye,plus all the back pain, oh that back pain, good thing my hubby was good enough to do me a massage. Aside from that ? I think my next weeks to come should be good.



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