01022014 dear diary

I am now on my final month, my baby’s birth month as predicted. So how has things been going on for me? So far I was already able to completely move out and I mean it’s my own personal space own home and own things bought. I guess this is it I’m starting my own family and plans for the future. The journey that I am about to face I believe will be a challenging one, an example to that fact is living a life with a partner, things should be more serious now.  Technically I’m not married yet though I do have plans but I don’t think it would be anytime soon because I want to focus more on the baby but the mere fact that we now live together under one roof is definitely something to work out on. I must say it is one hell of a commitment to begin with. But in our case it’s no longer a choice instead more like of a responsibility that we have to take, since were about to see our own child soon as I am due this month. It will be for the baby’s sake and of course he is my other half it is already given to note that we both have our differences, the good thing though is that we get to exert efforts on both parties to make it work out. I sure hope we both have the patience needed to hang on to each other despite that barrier we have between us. I guess conflicts will always be there and in my own perspective there’s nothing perfect in this world, we just need to take a leap of faith and believe that there are better days. So with that being said I look forward to this year’s blow, oh please be gentle with us 2014, that’s what most of them say, but as for my term of greeting? Oh hell yeah 2014 bring it on I’ll be ready for you!  Wish me luck. 🙂 Image

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