A new life

Last January 13, 2014 at 2:35pm I have given birth to a lovely daughter, her name is Primrose Frankie Nicole. I named her Primrose after my favourite movie called hunger games, I found the meaning of the name online which meant Prim = primary or first and Rose = a kind of flower or a name for a girl, so in the dictionary it meant first rose which makes total good sense because she is indeed my first and she is my rose. Her second name Frankie was given by her father, he wanted to give her his name and last her third name Nicole was her given name, the one I kept dreaming about before I got pregnant. So if I was to be asked how my life has been after giving birth? It feels good and fulfilling at the same time. Every morning I wake up to see the lovely face of my child continuously wondering how magical life is and how such creation is possible to happen. A normal mind can never explain it which reminds me of a saying I heard from a Korean movie titled 200 pounds beauty “Only God has the power and capability to do things and wonders, we humans only do what we are capable of.” It helps to remind us that we need not to question nor should we seek for an explanation, for all there is to make it happen is faith.

So to elaborate the experience, the hardest part of all was going through the labour. It took me about over 31 hours of labour before I even started to contract. It was an excruciating pain and panic also eagerness to see the baby come out safely and alive. The moment I saw my baby after gaining conscience from fainting and being knocked out for 4 hours, it was a tear jerker. Now I definitely know the answer to the famous question “what is the essence of being a woman”. It is to be able to produce life, going through the whole nine months of carrying the baby in the tummy is already a struggle, you have to be extra careful all the time, plus the diet, the back pains and baby kicks, the nausea and headaches you feel almost every day, easy tiredness from a short period of walk, strained muscles and all that’s in between during pregnancy. It is a battle to survive until the big day of delivery. An unforgettable experience, one that I will always be proud of. So cheers to all my fellow moms and mothers to be.

A new life

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