What do you do when you know love is not always the answer to your sad lapses ? I always find myself  in deep thoughts trying to provide the right answer to my own question. It’s been a while since I last wrote about my life … I’ve been pretty much busy with my little bundle of joy, being that perfect Mom for my daughter and all. Now as time flies and I am left alone watching my baby sleep I end up thinking. I love my child’s father but like I said love is never enough, it just won’t ever be. Am I then cut out to be single ? I don’t want to think that way but my thoughts direct me to the idea. One night he asked me a question then I was surprised to find out that I was afraid to answer, I believe I’m lost in the between of our lives together. My daughter is growing fast everyday and the thought of her growing fears me, what should I tell her what answers should I provide to feed her curiosity , I don’t want to over think but I always end up doing so. what should I do then. Sometimes I just wish that life was less complicated. Maybe then I would know the answer.

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