something to think of

Sometimes I  just wonder.. How will my life be like a few more years from now? I am now in the in-between, if you know what I mean. I still believe in ever afters somehow, but it does not top my list anymore. Could it be because I am clouded by the fact that practicality comes first in line? Does destiny even exist? Or is it just a figment of some hopeful imagination. Probably it may be based on our everyday choices I would say. Am I cut out to be single? or will I find the right match for me? Who can ever tell.


I envy those of the personalities I see on TV. Their proposals, the surprises, their very own love story and happy endings. As for me I guess I just mentally and emotionally decided to not believe in love and magic anymore. After all, I have a daughter now, what more could I ask for. I am complicated and it is never easy being around me. If perhaps time decides on it, I would say I am better off alone like this. Free from hassle and drama. However, in the long run of such idea. while I see pairs of hearts being broken and mended, laughter’s shared and memories cherished. It is still nice to have someone to come home to everyday. I can be fickle minded sometimes and I have my flaws, but I guess only a real man can live up to fact that I am not perfect but I am capable of love too. With that said, I suppose I should still hold on to fairy tales and happy endings. I still have it at the back of my mind. It is, and will always be part of a girl’s personality, because I believe that every girl deserves a happy ending. An ever after worth keeping forever.



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