Testing the waters

How can you tell the difference from a then and now? I would say through experience. I have proven that unconditional love is when you continuously care for someone without asking for anything in return. When you do you say you’ve had enough? when your heart turns numb to the point of being unable to comprehend emotions. I am in between. I am sailing on the longest sea I have ever seen trying to think hard of what I should do. Should I go right ahead and dive into the waves and not worry of what may happen? Or should I go test the waters slowly first, Will I be able to take the coldness of the sea relating it to life’s cruelty and pleasure? Or must I go to the right kind of water where I can confidently dip in. I am undecided and I know it may take a while to fully comprehend the very situation that I am in. The least I can do perhaps is to hope for the better. I know I am not in the specifics for this topic for I too am bewildered. So for now, I will settle with testing my waters first.


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