A Message for the Swans

People definitely come and go. We come to a circumstance where we have to learn to let go of things and understand why it had to happen. Though it may hurt in the beginning, eventually we will find its true reason. Of the many years I’ve worked, this was the second time I’ve experienced great leadership and immeasurable team work. The last time I had a taste of great work was way back when I was part of Team Epic. Now I’ve experienced another group of people who’s proven themselves in so many ways – Team Cygnus.

The journey with you guys was not quite long from what we can say but the many tales of what we’ve done and proven deserved a great deal of recognition. From quiet assumed weak underdogs to MAD geniuses.. It is but amazing to be part of such awesomeness. As to what we often say “Great minds speak softer, whilst empty vessels makes the loudest noise”. I want to thank the friendship we’ve created.

The sarcasms and the never ending laughter of how silly Troy was or how forgetful Angel gets. Of how bossy and angry toned I am, and how clingy Iya and I was of each other. How Iya turned into Troy’s supposed sarcastic big sister. How Nica fearlessly voiced out her unfiltered comments (given that she’s our youngest member). How we gave kuya Dennis a new pet name “Double D”. How we consistently laughed at Kenneth’s never ending rants. How we paired up the KIKIAM love team. How we kept wondering why Liam was often late and how generous he was to us. How we bullied each other every single day and blamed 3/4th of the many things to Troy. How we laughed at Troy’s “HAPPY FEET TWO” and AD’s “ANAK NI BABY AMA”.

How we almost lost grip of the bond we created over a little misunderstanding and how we worked on putting us all back together. How we consistently heard Tricia’s voice all over the floor, while she yells at everyone’s incompetency (that’s how it often sounded like. haha). How we often wondered what’s inside Christian’s head on his every single smirks, how we tried to push Aaron to talk a lot more which he eventually did. How we often planned on eating out but never really got to do so HAHAHAHA. How we bullied Jayward for being single. How Glory remained ever so quiet but has her little jokes in SLACK. How we created a SUMO family (Angel, Nica, Jayward). How Tricia mandated the fees, how she kept saying we were failing well in-fact that we weren’t (such a control freak hahaha).

How we often exchange threats over winning ahead of each other’s scores. How we shared our little petty life stories to each other. How we took selfies without Tricia noticing. How Tricia had to boss us around whenever she wanted something and then laugh at the guilt when she hears us complaining. How Tricia tries so hard to pull a prank and yet fails, coz she cant contain herself from laughing. She can’t even hold on a poker face not even for a while. How honest and straightforward everyone was. How we were like grade school students being managed by a very very cool teacher. How Tricia was being so motherly to us. The work load was light and even when we were pressured, we always pulled each other through it. Above all, I am grateful because she believed in us. She was the only one who did when everyone else thought we couldn’t make it.

We were a FAMILY. Our group name CYGNUS tells so much about the mixture of people we all are. We were ugly ducklings turned to beautiful swans. I know it will be difficult to find the same group of people and I hope the bond does not end when we reach the last part of being together. I don’t intend to not keep the bond that I will forever cherish.

After-all it’s not everyday that you get to find another set of smarty pants who can deal with your sarcasms. Life is a roller coaster ride and we can never tell what happens next. What’s important is that no matter the distance or the many changes that may occur. The FRIENDSHIP stays well knitted to each other. Thank you and cheers to awesomeness!

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